Why You Should Not Smother Him

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Make sure you do a dance

Think of dating as being like dancing. You have to take two steps forward when your partner is ready to take two steps back. Otherwise, you tread on your partner’s toes. Ouch! You don’t want that so make sure that you are reading your partner’s energy and don’t always be the one to make the move in going forwards.

Men usually like to do the chasing

Men in general like to do the chasing and so if you are the one doing all of the pursuing you could wind up smothering him and then he will want to pull away from you to get some breathing space. This does not mean that women cannot also make a move, of course they can but understand that it requires give and take, push and pull, and you really need to allow him to do more of the chasing than you do.

Men can pull away for space. Even if they are interested

Men in general, require more space than women do and will often pull away, even if they are interested in a woman simply because they need some man time. If a woman reads this as losing the guy and chases at the wrong moment he may pull away for good. Give him space and just trust that if he is into you he will come back to you and him needing space may not be related to YOU at all. Do not think that he needs you to show him more love and chase chase chase. Trust in him as a man to do his own thing and busy yourself by going out, and doing yours. Let him MISS YOU so that he feels INSPIRED to come after you and whisk you off your feet.

If he will walk he will walk – let him

On a final note, if he does keep on walking, let him. You cannot force a guy to be with you by chasing him, Step back and see what he does and if he does not come after you you are better off without him anyway!

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