Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment

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It’s one of the most common questions asked by women in the dating world. Just why are men afraid of commitment? Is it just ‘in the genes’ for some men, or could there be a psychological reason behind it? Read on to find out

Fear of losing control is what drives a man to fear commitment

A man likes to feel that he is control of his own self. He needs to feel reassured that if he commits to a woman, he can still be himself and have his own space and not have to give up control by asking a woman if he can go out, or can do his own thing without her being offended.

A man needs his own space. It is just part of what makes him a man

Needing to do his own thing is NOT a sign that a man wants to be away from you or that you are somehow disconnecting. Space is just something that a man needs from time to time to reconnect to himself and a woman who gives her man this time is much more likely going to find him wanting to come home to be with her than wanting to avoid being around her. By reassuring a guy that he can take his own space, a woman is much more likely going to ease him into committing than by forcing the issue

Remember that it is not a rejection of YOU. Take care of yourself whilst he’s thinking

The main thing to remember here is that this is not a rejection of you. This can be not mentioned enough times! Find something to do in the time that he pulls away so that you are more secure in yourself for when he bounces back to you (because he will). Don’t chase him, do not act insecure, and do not punish him for taking his own space. This will simply re-confirm his fears that committing to someone equates giving up his personal freedom. This will drive him away for sure. Play it cool and give him the space to miss you.

So, appreciate that this is just a part of being a man and be sure to allow time for him to go and do his own thing. Don’t take it personally. A guy just needs space to miss you!

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