Why Going Out Alone Will Make You More Approachable

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Women scare men

Truth is, women in general, scare the hell out of men when they are looking to date, as men fear rejection just as much as women do. But women when out in a pack – turn up that fear by 100%!

If you are out with your Girlfriends a man is less likely going to want to come over to you incase you reject him. This time, not only will he have to face the humiliation of being rejected by YOU, he will also face feeling rejected infront of a group of women, i.e your FRIENDS. And this leaves him cold. So, try going out alone when you would like to meet a guy. Take your book, or tablet, head to the nearest bar or cafe and grab a drink.

Make yourself approachable when you are out there

I say to take a book or tablet, and this can be great to feel more confident when you first sit down, if you are not used to being out alone. But if you do spot a guy you like, put the book down. Be relaxed and open, make eye contact, maybe even wink and flirt a little. But sure to show him that you are interested so that he will feel confident enough to come over to you and make conversation.

Think about where your kind of man will go

For a better success rate think about where you kind of guy would hang out. It doesn’t have to just be the local bar. Go to one of the bookstores that have a coffee shop in them if you like guys who read. You can choose, just the same as you can choose the guy you want to express your interest to.

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