What You Can Learn From The Bachelor By Marni Battista

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Video Summary

Be authentic and come from this place

Don’t panic if you don’t know what to say to a man. Just come from a place of authenticity and say whatever your intuition tells you. If you try and make something up and approach a man with this mindset then you come across as being fake and men do not respond well to this.

Don’t tell a man ‘we need to talk’

If a man hears these words, he hears that there is something wrong, and this makes him think that there is something that he needs to fix. Men automatically want to fix things, this is just part and parcel of being a man so don’t try and change this ladies, just accept it and understand how to communicate with a guy so that you do not get his defenses up.

If you do confuse him he will see you as a woman who is not capable of fixing her own things and who comes running to him and you may find yourself winding up in the friends zone rather than the partner zone.

Be mature, be clear, be lady like

So, when you do talk to a guy, be calm, be clear, and just tell him how you feel about something but try reassuring him that you’re not asking him to fix anything and that you.

are just running things past him as you really respect his opinion. This approach will make him feel like a King, like he is valued and he has a woman who is of substance and strength and who knows her own mind!

Be feminine, don’t try and be manly about this as a man does like to protect a woman to make himself feel like a man but doing this because it comes naturally from him and not because he feels forced, are two different experiences altogether.

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