What is Radical Forgiveness

What is Radical Forgiveness

Radical forgiveness is understanding that everyone bases their actions on their thought processes, beliefs and how they’ve been conditioned to respond to life. Therefore every act, whether loving or aggressive is a ‘logical’ extension of what each person has been conditioned to think or believe.

Logical in this sense means logical based on their thought processes. Their actions may actually be highly illogical to others, but to them it is the natural response. And so radical forgiveness understands this. It understands that we are each acting out based on what we have been conditioned to think, feel and believe. Thus ‘it’ can see that any ‘attack’ has nothing to do with us personally, and therefore we do not need to turn it in on our ourselves, nor endlessly condemn another.

We can understand the act, without tolerating further abuse…. We can understand our actions, without condemning ourselves. In this way we feel greater compassion both for ourselves and others, if we have acted in a way that is deemed inappropriate.

Radical Forgiveness, is then used in line with Radical Awareness – becoming aware of what we’re thinking, feeling, saying and why – to allow us to take full ownership for our actions, thinking and conditioned responses. Both are needed, both are necessary, to make sense of our difficult experiences and to bring deep healing where there was deep trauma.

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Yve is a writer, speaker, vocalist and spiritual coach who supports spiritual seekers, individuals, couples, healers and creatives, to connect with divine intelligence, profound love, and the innate wisdom of the heart.

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