Special Snowflake Syndrome and Getting Your Ex Back By Clay Andrews

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You think that you are the only person who is going through something. Perhaps you fell in love with your best friend and it has broken up. Or maybe your ex has a wife still. Whatever the circumstance, trust me, you are not the first person to go through it and the way to handle getting your ex back is no different to any regular break up.

Are you looking for excuses because you are scared?

Maybe you are scared. Maybe you are scared, that your ex won’t want you back.

Maybe there IS an unusual situation between you and your ex but this does not have to be a barrier. You love him and you want him back and your gut feeling tells you that deep down, he loves you to and this is why you want to pursue things. Let yourself.

Think about it like this – isn’t life complicated enough without you putting off fighting for things? You may never know what could be unless you try. So what if you try and your ex does not come back to you? This is where you are at right now so you are no worse off right?

Just think of you and your ex as two people. That is all you are. Nothing more, and nothing less. Just two people who have feelings, and who messed things up, and yes, perhaps external circumstances around you did not help matters, but it does not mean that you cannot work things out.

Write to your ex and tell them how you feel. Then let it go.

You need to leave things on a peaceful note with your ex so the door is open. Write and say you acknowledge the difficulty of your situation but you want him to be happy so you accept he needs space. Then leave it at that and work on yourself. Do the no contact rule and treat this just like any other breakup, because that is what it is. And work on feeling like YOU again. Let the stress go, and know, that if your ex loves you, regardless of what else is going on, he will miss you and when you contact him again he will be happy to hear from you. Nothing else matters. Let the drama go.

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