I Just Got Dumped What Now? By Clay Andrews

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Getting dumped always sucks.There is never the right time for it to happen and you probably feel as if your world has just come to a massive halt. All you want to do right now is chase after your ex and beg him not to leave right? Or, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions. Perhaps you are shocked, and angry. First thing’s first – you need to give yourself some time and space within which to just feel whatever you need to feel. So take a few days to calm down, and then follow the simple steps below to begin to cope.

Accept that it has happened.

Much as it hurts, it has happened and things broke down therefore you broke up! You have to accept this, and let it go. Now that does not mean let go of the dream of being with your ex. But even if you want this to happen, you have to let the old relationship go because it did not work and you want to move forwards to a better place, whether that be being single or being with your ex again. SO – tell your ex that you understand why it broke up and give hkm some space.

Take the no contact challenge

Yes. You need to see this as a challenge and not a chore. Basically, if you give your ex some space to miss you, this will have him running back to you a lot faster than if you chase and chase him. Get some space, work on yourself, feel better and know, that as you do this, it will ATTRACT YOUR EX BACK TO YOU. The sooner you start this challenge the sooner things can move out of the breakup zone and you will either recover and be happy to be single or you will recover and can then work on contacting your ex in a much better place to aim for a reconciliation.

Work on yourself

Simply put, you need to work on yourself whether you want to be with your ex, or remain single because right now you feel awful and if you stay in this rut you will sink into depression. Take time to eat good food, work out, get out and about and go out and treat yourself to some new makeup, new clothes, it’s a cliche but get a fab new haircut. These things will help you feel connected to your most authentic self again and when you feel more upbeat, you will be in a stronger position to deal with contacting your ex to try and move things forward.

About Clay and Mika

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.

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