How Your Masculine Energy Maybe Turning Off Men

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Be sure to be in feminine energy when dating

Are you operating in masculine or feminine mode when dating? Many women are so used to being powerful when they are at work or running their own business that they forget to loosen up a little when it comes to going on dates and they can come across as intimidating to the guy that they are out with.

Men essentially want a woman to be feminine. He likes to be the hunter, to pursue you, and to feel like ultimately, even if you ARE independent, that you can be taken care of.

This is not the same as being weak. You see, you can be a very strong woman indeed and still be taken care of by a guy and actually allowing a man to be a man means that you are willing to be a little vulnerable in order to meet his needs because you appreciate that mens needs are just different to a woman’s and that this is okay!

Spend time unwinding before going on a date

Try to avoid going on dates right after work, so that you can take some time out to unwind and feel feminine again otherwise you will perhaps confuse your date! You can maybe go and take a bubble bath, have a nice glass of wine, slip into a dress and take time to do your make up. Remind yourself of how magnificent you really are, work is just a mode, switch off from it and be a lady.

Allow him be a man

Let him be a man. Let him care for you. Let him pick you up Let him take you out. Let him be the one who feels like he makes you feel special. Men need to feel wanted and useful and if you are ‘too’ independent he feels he has no role at all in your life.

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