How to Tell if He’s Into You Or Not by Dr. Diana Kirschner

Dr. Diana Kirschner presents How to Tell if He’s Into You Or Not

Video Summary

A huge amount of time and energy is wasted when you first start dating a guy, wondering whether or not he actually wants to be with you. It’s really the age-old question – is he into me? Or not? And how do I tell? Sometimes, he’ll give you really clear signs that he’s not that into you – he might be constantly “busy”, he might always have something on at work or he might be “in the process of leaving his wife”… but other times, it can be a little more difficult to figure it out. Follow the advice below to work out whether he’s into you, or not.

Ask Yourself These Questions

If you’re struggling to figure out whether or not he’s into you, or not, there’s a very easy way to figure it out. Ask yourself the questions below and make sure that you answer them as honestly as possible.

  • Is he eager to see you and to spend time with you?
  • Is he reluctant to leave you?
  • Does he want to see you regularly?
  • Does he want to see you consistently?
  • Does he ask you out on regular dates?
  • Is he genuinely interested in you and your life?
  • Is he helpful?
  • Is he verbally and physically affectionate with you?
  • Does he want to be romantic/sexual with you?
  • Does he text, email and call regularly?
  • Does he make you feel special?
  • Has he stopped dating other women?
  • Is he starting to share the rest of his life with you? i.e. his family, his friends, starts to call you his girlfriend, or talks about the two of you as a couple
  • Does he use the “L” word?
  • Does he talk about a future for the two of you?

If he’s into you, there will be regular, consistent contact that makes you feel good, and that contact will get better and better. If you feel constantly surprised, happy and appreciated – and most importantly, romanced – it definitely means that he’s into you.

If you answer “no” to most or some of the questions above, unfortunately, it means that he’s not that into you. Just let him go – a new guy will come into your life that is into you.

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