How To Know If My Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back

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After the break up, your ex-boyfriend might be sending you confusing signals so much so that you can hardly make up from down where he is concerned.  One minute he’s completely ignoring you, the next he’s upset that you’re ignoring him, and the next he can be downright rude.  How will you truly know what his feelings for you are?

There are four signs to look out for – they might not exactly seem to convey that he wants you back, but they’re surefire signs that he is not over you:

1. He displays strong emotions towards you.

He may treat you with open anger or blatant rudeness but so long as he is not indifferent, he’s not over you.  Maybe these emotions are not good, especially if he’s making an effort to be towards you, but it’s a clear sign that he’s hung up on you and has not let go.

2. He maintains contact with you.

He’s calling you, he’s texting you, he’s emailing you and he’s constantly dropping by – his reasons may be absolutely mundane, like he wants to collect this and that from your place, but he clearly doesn’t want to burn bridges just yet.  He’s also very reluctant to let you out of his sight, grabbing at whatever reason to look in on you.

3. He’s cold one minute, and hot the next.

When he’s displaying the push-pull psychology – ignoring you one minute and totally all over you the next, whether in a good or bad way – it just goes to show that he’s so confused about what he feels for you that he’s not sure about how to handle it.  One thing’s for certain, though – he hasn’t moved on.

4. He shows his competitive streak.

He’s having a good time with friends, he’s travelling a lot, he’s dated lots of women since the breakout – and then he makes sure you know about it.  By rubbing it in your face every time he get, he wants to convince you – and himself – that he’s over you.  He’s trying so hard to the point of over-doing it because, fact is, he hasn’t move on but he can’t tell himself that.

So if your ex-boyfriend is displaying the above symptoms and you want him back, too, then you can be sure he’ll respond.

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