How To Get Your Ex Back. Race Car vs Driver By Clay Andrews

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You need to have a plan of action if you want to get your ex back.

There is NO point rushing to get things back together if you are going to simply repeat past mistakes and get hurt allover again. You need to think about things as if you are training to be a race car driver. You can either get in the best race car and just crash into a barrier or you can learn how to drive that car so skillfully that you become the best driver ever.

You don’t want to crash again. Do you?

Of course you don’t. It hurt enough the first time round. You want things to work if you get back with your ex and so you want to avoid any relationship advice out there that suggests that you play games, such as making your ex jealous in order to get him back. This can only end in disaster. You don’t want your ex back until you have sorted out some of the emotions that are going on inside of you, until you have taken some time out and worked on yourself and then and only then should you want to be back together.

If you rush things, you have not worked out what went wrong. You are not addressing the root causes. You will just be going backwards, to repeat the same old mistakes. Is this what you really want?

Think of your relationship as being the car. Be the best driver

Yup. Make yourself the best driver on the block. Learn how you are when it comes to love. Take time to be truly honest with yourself and look at your great points as well as addressing your flaws. Aim to be the best girlfriend, lover and person out there. This will stand you in good stead,whether you get back together with your ex or date somebody else. Learn all that you can from this breakup. Be a sponge, and absorb it all. Don’t let your breakup have been for nothing. Be the best driver that you can be.

Take your time is the main message here. You will crash and burn otherwise. Work on yourself during the period of no contact. Now do you see why this time is SO important? It is not just about giving your ex some space to miss you, but it is about YOU working on yourself so that EVERYTHING in your life works better than ever. That includes love.

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