How To Be Happy After A Breakup By Clay Andrews

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It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Being happy after a breakup. It is the last thing that you feel like doing right now. and when you feel so awful, how can you even think about being happy? But the thing is, when you block off one emotion (pain), you shut yourself  down as a whole and this means that you are not in touch with yourself or your inner emotions at all. This means that not only are you missing out on LIFE you are also unable to move forwards because you are not moving at all, you are stagnant. You have to tap into your feelings. the good and the bad and allow yourself to move through the pain.

It’s okay to feel the pain. Just let yourself feel it.

It sounds like the one thing that you want to avoid – feel the pain? Why on earth would I want to do that? Right? But as I said above. if you do not feel this then you become stuck in this numb, emotionless zone, and if you stay there too long you become a bitter person. Let yourself feel and trust yourself enough to know that whatever you feel, you can cope with and you can ride it out. You really are a lot stronger than you think and are avoiding feelings because you worry that if you feel them you may never feel okay again. You will. Check out the next point to see why.

Feelings are only ever temporary so don’t be scared of their power.

Our feelings come and go live waves. Let those waves come in and crash to the  shore and just like the ocean, the tide will eventually go back out. Know, that the feelings WILL pass as this is the ebb and flow of life. The sooner that you allow a feeling to come up and out, the sooner you will release it and then you will be free of it and you can let new, happier feelings come in.

Think of crying as being like a cleansing process.

Wash the pain away by crying. Let it all out and know, that once you have done this, you will have a nice big clean space within which to fill it with new emotions.  You can decorate this space whenever you desire, so spend some time feeling sad and then make an effort to go out and feel a little better. Take your time but just know that healing WILL happen as that is life and so try and be okay with where you are at right now, for what it is, and let this moment pass, feeling all that you need to feel.

You will cope, and you will come through much stronger.

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