How Important Is Physical Appearance and Looks In Having A Good Relationship

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Beauty is not what keeps the relationship going

You can compare yourself to other women out there and feel like you are not attractive enough but this is not what keeps a relationship together anyway so stop looking at things from the outside in and start looking at things from the inside out because this really is what is needed in order to sustain a relationship for the distance.

Look at supermodels and celebrities out there who have had disastrous love lives. They may get hot men but do they keep them forever? You see, there is much more to love than looks, we all know this, so why do so many women compare themselves to other women and believe that they are not somehow enough, for when it comes to attracting and keeping a man’s interest?

Work on your love skills and the looks get better

Beauty comes from the inside out. It’s true! The prettiest of women can turn instantly ugly if they have a bad attitude and never smile, so think of what is going on on the inside and then project this onto your outside and your beauty will increase by 100%.

Men are a little superficial at times sure. But when it comes to finding love, most men just want someone they feel comfortable with and who can hold a decent conversation. They don’t want the Barbie doll as a life long partner. So think about where you want to position yourself. Do you WANT to be the eye candy who lasts five minutes or do you want to be the potential wife material woman?

Your call.

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