Going With The Flow, An Excuse To Not Decide By Clay Andrews

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It’s easy to ‘go with the flow’, but what it basically means is that you do not want to commit to anything or have to make a decision. If you find yourself in this situation with your ex, then you need to be firm and tell him that you want to know where you stand and that you are not prepared to just go with the flow and see.

You deserve more than going with the flow.

What other reason do you need? You have to understand your worth, because if you don’t who else will? You do not simply want to go with the flow do you? You cannot plan your life if you do this, and you deserve to be someone’s first choice, and not just their option.

If he goes with the flow, who else does he flow with?

Often, the reason a man will ask to go with the flow is because during your time apart, he started seeing someone else, or more than one person and he does not want to give that freedom of choice up until he is sure that things will work out with you. But you do not want to be a maybe. It is all or nothing and if he is toying with more than one woman then set him free, make the choice for him, and take yourself off the table.

How long does this going with the flow last for?

Has he said how long he wants to go with the flow for? Or does it just carry on for as long as he sees fit? You need to be very clear. If he needs a little time and genuinely needs this, then work out a short space of time, such as two weeks, where you date and see what happens before you decide whether or not you are officially a couple again. But only do this because you want to be sure, so neither of you gets hurt again and not because it is the safe way. You are either in or you are out. The choice is yours.

Life is about creating your own reality

Do you want a go with the flow life or do you want to get out there and make it happen in the way that you would like it to happen? Have a real think about it. You can be in control of how happy you are or you can just be a passenger in your own life. I know which I’d prefer, how about you?

If you want to be back on with your ex and you want it to work, tell him how you feel and get out there and make it happen!

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