Getting Your Ex Back (Giving 100% Effort) By Clay Andrews

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You want to get your ex back but you think it should come a lot easier than it does and you feel as if it is never going to happen. You are sat with the phone in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other and you are so close to just calling him and asking him to come over. Should you? Why shouldn’t you? Read on.

You have to stick to the no contact rule for YOU

You need to stick to the no contact rule for yourself. If you do not, then you are not giving yourself the chance to work on yourself and become even stronger. If you cannot make it to just 30 days with no contact, then you are not in a strong place and this is the very reason as to why you should not call your ex right now. Getting your head together is essential because if your ex does not want you back then you need to be in a place where you can handle this.

You have to find one thing to work on and work on it

You can be confused when it comes to working on yourself. What does that mean anyway? It can be so easy to just think about what you need to work on and sit around thinking and thinking – and the days pass by but you have not really made any headway in regards to working on yourself.

Pick one thing – it could be something about your personality that you want to change, maybe you want to be calmer, more relaxed, or it could be that you have some issue, such as jealousy or anger management that interfered with things working with your ex. Make a point to pick the one thing you think will benefit you and your ex the most and then focus just on that one thing so that you can truly give it your all. It is better to be really good at one thing than it is to spread yourself too thinly!

Think about what your ex needs too.

Not giving your ex some space can be selfish and you need to think about what he wants and needs too. He may just need a few weeks space, but if you keep harassing him then he will soon start to resent you and just want to be as far away from you as he possibly can. Put his needs equal with yours because this is what real love is and this is something that needs to be considered because ultimately, working on what he needs will help him want to get back in touch with sooner rather than later.

About Clay and Mika

Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.

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