Getting Back Together – Mistakes Smart People Make- Part 5

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So, you broke up, and now you have tried to get back together, but somehow, things have not gone as you hoped that they would. There are certain things to do, and not to do when trying to get back with your ex. Read on to find out about them…

You assume you can go back to where you were

The number one mistake is to assume that you can just go back to where you were. You are not a couple right now, and you cannot assume you just took a break or that things will be the same if and when you get back together. A lot could have changed in this time for your ex, and if you did the 30 day no contact properly, things should have changed for you also. You need to treat things almost as if you were meeting your ex again for the very first time.

You assume your ex will have remained ‘faithful’.

Now, even if your ex did go with someone else, he has not been unfaithful, because you two were not together. Therefore, he can do what he likes, until you are officially back together. Of course, this may upset you as you feel like he got over you quickly and just the idea of him being attracted to someone else makes you go cold right? But you have to accept that if this happened, then it happened and that is all there is to it.

You assume things can just magically work out this time

You had some time apart, and you both missed each other and realized that you DO want to be together. Therefore you feel that this must mean that you can just get back together and it will work. But unless you have worked on what went wrong the first time around, you will just be setting yourself up for a fall. You need to make sure that you have some time apart after you break up so that you can work on stuff, and this is why the active no contact rule exists as it gives you both thiis time in which to do that.

You talk about the past – too much

One last note, yes you need to sort out things before you get back together, in yourselves, but when you are together, don’t focus on the past too much as this simply drives your ex away and leaves you back in the past almost. You need to just focus on making things work, being proactive to be positive and put what you can into the relationship as it stands today.

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