Getting Back Together (Mistakes Smart People Make)- Part 4

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One thing that keeps people from getting back together is when people use what is called the scape goat method. This means you are taking advice on what to do, but no matter what advice you are given, you have told yourself that your situation is hopeless and there is nothing that can be done to fix things. This is very ineffective to think in this way as it closes your mind, and you make no effort to save your relationship because you are closed off to it.

Understand that there is always a chance if you let it be

You always have a chance to change something and you can do it right now. You are simply telling yourself that there is no chance. Stop making excuses just because you are scared to go for it. If you love your ex and want to see what could be, then you need to step out of your comfort zone and give things a chance.

It does not matter if your ex is with someone else

If your ex is with someone else, then you need to see that as a temporary glitch. This person is simply the rebound person and chances are, your ex is still into YOU. Do not be so fast to let someone else take your ex because if your ex thinks that you do not care, or will not fight for them then they may well just keep going along with it because it’s easier than facing the cold hard truth. You see, if your ex has jumped into something with someone else so quickly then chances are that he needs to distract hmself from the pain that your breakup may cause him to feel and so he uses others as comfort blankets. Unless he sees hope with you he may just stay there.

You are telling yourself there is no hope for a reason

If you are telling yourself that there is no hope, it is because you feel something may happen and you don’t want to feel stupid. You are listening to the voice of fear, and you need to really just silence that and understand that nothing that happens can be that bad, you just need to go for it, and whatever happens, you can cope with it. Be strong and fight for your man. If you let him go for good you will always know deep down that you made excuses just because you were scared, and this is a normal emotion that it sent to test us so don’t crumble at this point.

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