Getting Back Together Mistakes Smart People Make – Part 3

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Another look with Clay, at what prevents people from getting back together and having the relationship that they want.

You are pinning all of your hopes on the magic words

Now, there are some tactics that you can use, to get your ex to respond to you and these are great, but you also need to be working on yourself otherwise, you will be getting your ex to come back to you but nothing has been sorted. This is kind of like building a house on sand. The tide will come in and wash it all away. If you want your ex to be with you and for it to work, you need to understand that all the magic words in the world, and all the reltionship hacks, will not provide long term results. You have to work on things at a foundation level too, if you want your relatiosnhip to have a chance of survival.

You continue to use hacks when your ex is back with you

So you used a magic script to get your ex to come back to you, and now you are using scripts to keep him with you. In time he will see through this and walk away. He will feel something is up because he knows YOU and can tell when you are not truly being you. But also, he will feel manipulated and cheated, when he susses out what you are doing, and this will push him away for good. Who wants to feel played? So be yourself, work on what you need to work on and then win your ex back on your own merit and build something to last.

You cannot keep pretense up long term. Get real

The idea of the 30 day no contact is that you have time within which to work on yourself and make sure that you have addressed all of the things that needed addressing before you can think about getting back together with your ex. Take time out and do this as this is the only way to ensure that you give things the best shot. You need to give this a chance both for yourself, and also your ex. if you set things up on a rocky false foundation you are setting your ex up to be hurt again also. Is this what you want? Probably not. SO…. try and do the work, and get the real rewards, and this is much better than a quick and temporary fix, just because you are scared that you have lost your ex forever.

Try the 30 day no contact plan as this will mean that you address any issues that need to be addressed and when you get back with your ex, you will be coming from a place of authenticity. This is the only way to secure something that is real and stands a chance of working. You and your ex deserve more than a false promise based on relationship hack techniques and you have more to offer than simply following those.

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