Getting Back Together – Mistakes Smart People Make (Part 2)

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You broke up, and you just want things to go back to how they were. You don’t care if things were awful, you just want your ex back and you would do anything that you have to do to get him back right? Hmm. If this is the case, you need to read this article and find out why doing anything you can may not be the thing that gets you back together.

Do you think you can change over night?

You may be thinking that you can just change over night. You want him back and you will call him up and make promises and show him that everything is okay. Right? Wrong. Things broke down between you guys for a reason and you really are going to have to address whatever it was that went wrong because if you don’t, if you do get back together, you will just wind up back in exactly the same place. It’s not good for either of you, so it’s time to get real and face up to whatever it is that went wrong. Do the 30 day no contact challenge and work on yourself and then and only then should you think about giving things another go.

Are you putting on an act? Take off the mask

If you are putting on a front, and pretending via friends and online that your life is peachy, you may THINK that this shows your ex what he is missing and means that you are more attractive and appealing to him – but what is actually happening is that he is getting the impression that you are playing a game, and are doing this just to get his attention and if there is anything less sexy and appealing it is this. You have to be real, and take some time out to grieve. If you are upset you are upset and this means more to your ex than for him to think that you can break up with him and then just become this happy, well together person. It’s fake. Get over it.

Get out of the spotlight and just heal

The 30 day no contact challenge means that you can take time to heal. You need to.And this means heal whether you want to be back with your ex, or be single. If you do not, you are just going to go back out there and make more of a mess, and things are bad enough as they are now surely? Just give yourself a breather and take some time to get back to being YOU. Figure out what you truly want, and then talk to your ex in 30 days time when you are thinking a little clearer.

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