Dating After Divorce By Marni Battista and Wes Murphy

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Video Summary

You only have to tell your life story when you feel ready

You may have kids from a previous relationship or maybe you have more than one – and of course, your new date will need to know this but you don’t have to go on the first date and bare your all because you don’t even know yet if this is guy is someone that you will want to see again.

Date three is a good time to tell more…

The third date is a good time to tell your guy that you are divorced or have kids. You clearly like eachother at this point and want to date a little more, so let him know where you are at in your life but reassure him that you are not just looking for someone to come into your life and be a Daddy to your kids.

Work out what you ARE looking for from him

In telling him that you do not expect him to walk right into your life and take over from your ex, be sure that if he asks what you do want from a new relationship that you have the answer. Do you want a Daddy for the kids secretly? If you do then communicate this and don’t be afraid to walk away if you do not find someone who can meet these needs and desires.

But if you want to keep your love life sort of separate from the kids for the time being then let your guy know this and take the pressure off him a little as this can be something that can freak some guys out if they are not divorced also or have not even had kids yet!

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