Can Chemistry Grow Over Time In A Relationship?

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Attraction cannot be grown. It’s there or it’s not

You shouldn’t have to work that hard to manufacture chemistry. If it is there, it is there, but if the chemistry is high you CAN ignite it so that it grows even higher. If you only have something like a level 2 with someone then it’s not really worth going on another date.

Don’t be blinded about chemistry however

Just because you’re gaga about someone, does not mean that he is a good husband. You need to strike a balance between chemistry and compatibility. If you are not compatible with someone then you can have a ton of chemistry but it is not going to get you through the next 40 years. The sex side to things will soon fizzle out.

Make a list of what you are looking for

One way around this is to make a list of what you are looking for. That way, even if the chemistry is amazing, you can keep reminding yourself of all of the qualities that your ideal mate will have and if the person you are dating falls dramatically short of the mark you need to have a long hard talk with yourself and ask yourself, why you are prepared to settle for less than you deserve?

You see, looks fade over time, so even if you do have sexual attraction with someone, things about them may change, and you need more than just that to sustain things. Sounds real obvious, sure, but so many people still base things around the chemistry and there are two sides to the equation.

Make sure that YOU are not missing out one of them and you stand a better chance at finding happiness.

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