Active No Contact Rule – Awareness By Clay Andrews

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Being aware of the reason that your breakup happened is something that is crucial, not only because it will help you get your ex back, but it will also help YOU as a person, whether with or without your ex.

Be aware of the role that you played in the breakup

This not only means that if you and your ex get back together, then things willl stand a better chance at working out, it also means that you will be more self aware about yourself and the way that you handle things. You see, even if your ex was the one who walked away, or treated you badly, there will have been something that you did that contributed because a relationship AND  a breakup involves two people. Be aware of what you could have done differently but don’t beat yourself up over it. Use this as a challenge and an opportunity to grow as a person.

Be aware of the need for space

Be aware of how you behave NOW and understand that your ex (and you) need space right now. Let him breathe, and work on improving yourself, doing things that make you feel like you. Love yourself again, treat yourself. Your ex will miss you and wonder what you are up to but he cannot do this whilst you are on his back trying to get things back together.

Let him know that you have awareness of why things went wrong and are going to leave him be, as this is what he wants and then let him wonder if you have gone for good. During this time, ACTUALLY WORK ON YOURSELF, don’t just sit and look at the phone waiting for him to call you. Be aware that when working on yourself and taking space, you are creating a better you for him to be drawn to.

Be aware that you want things to be different

Be aware that you want to grow as a person during this period and that you want things to be different. Don’t expect to get back together and have what you once had. You need things to be as iif you are just meeting for the very first time. You don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. So be aware that this time to work on yourself is to create a more positive future and ENJOY creating it!

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Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.

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