Active No Contact Rule – Acceptance By Clay Andrews

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Finding it hard to ACCEPT that you have broken up with your ex is normal.

It’s natural to want to chase after your ex and beg him to stay with you. You love him! You guys have a history and he loved you! Why would you want to just giive up on that and let it all go, right?

Here’s why.

Refusing to accept it means that you are in denial

You HAVE to accept that it has happened. It has, and yep, it is real.And until you accept this, you will remain stuck in a place called DENIAL. And you may think that staying here, means that you are fighting for your relationship and are refusing to just let him go. But there is a much better, stronger way to handle this that can wn your ex back and make things much better between you. And that is ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance sets you free and you move forwards

Acceptance means that you are being realistic and you are admitting that between the two of you, you screwed things up. You are accepting where you are at right now and you can then stop resisting things. And once you do this, you set yourself free to move forwards and towards getting back together with your ex.

You do not want things to go back to how they once were. You want things to be like new. You want things to WORK this time. So you need to move as far away from the old relationship as you can, work on yourself, be the best that YOU can be and then contact your ex, let him see this you, and apply this you to a new relationship. Makes sense right?

But whilst you are living in denial, you are overflowing with negative emotion and this is not the desired state, this will not get your ex running back to you.

Think about it.

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Clay and Mika are the creators of Ex Solution Program and help couples get back together.

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