3 Reasons Why You’re Still Single- Part 1 By Marni Battista

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Video Summary

Are you LOOKING for love? Really?

Or are you caught up in the virtual world? Always on your phone, always on Facebook. Never really making time to be out there, meeting new people, face to face. You need to give yourself a break from these habits that keep you focused on ‘stuff’ rather than what is really around you. And then you need to start truly looking at what is really around you.

Ask yourself why you believe that love is just going to happen

You know, it takes a real effort- you need to get out there, meet people and date. Do you believe that Prince Charming will just come along on a white horse with a charger, and rescue you? If you do then you are being lazy when it comes to finding love and you need to ask yourself where this story that you have told yourself has come from. You then need to get back into the real world and go out there and make it your priority to find love. Come on, take control ladies!

Why are you holding yourself back? Come on, what;s going on?

A lot of the time we can be holding ourselves back from finding Love and not even realize it. Are you guilty of doing this? Do you subconsciously doubt that you deserve true love, or do you have insecurities about your looks and wonder who on earth will find YOU attractive? If so then before you consider dating, get to work on learning to love YOU and then love will find a way into your life because the Universe sends back to us what we put out there.

You ARE worthy of love, so believe it and you will receive it and never give up dreaming.

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