3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single- Part 3 By Marni Battista

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Video Summary

You are too busy for love

You are always too busy. You cannot fit a date in. Men hate this and women do this without even realizing it. Men hear that you are not looking for a relationship when you talk about how busy you are. BUT women tend to do this because they want to appear non needy and independent and they think that this works in their favor when it comes to talking to men. But remember that like attracts like and so if you put out the vibe that you are unavailable then you will meet a man who is emotionally unavailable and your gut lets you know this so you feel that it is not safe.

Because you are already used to being defensive this reinforces this cycle and attitude and you remain stuck in this cycle which means that for years you could be pushing love away, or blocking love from coming to you.

You don’t believe that you are ‘good enough’

You may work harder than you need to, so you are always busy, and you may tell yourself that when you have that ideal career, or that ideal body, you will then be happy within yourself and can find love but these again, are just excuses.

You need to stop these excuses, wake up and take action because nobody else is going to do this stuff for you!

Make a resolution to get rid of this ‘crap’

You need to make a choice to stop and take stock of where you are at and why. You really do. Make it your duty to repair yourself and to give yourself a chance at having a wonderful love ife! Don’t just settle for second best as if you do then this is all that you will get.

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