3 Reasons Why You Are Still Single- Part 2 By Marni Battista

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Video Summary

Do you believe that there are no good men where you live?

You are telling yourself this but are you looking hard enough? You cannot think like this because you are writing love off immediately. Get yourself into the 10% of great daters, and you will meet the other 10% that match to you. If you believe in your core that there are good men everywhere, then you would notice this more. You notice what you are looking for. So attract to yourself the good stuff and let go of the bad.

Is there a reason that you want to hold onto this belief?

You are maybe holding onto this belief because if you have a reason then you have an excuse. It’s not YOUR fault, it’s not down to you as to why you are single, and the truth is, it IS down to you and you need to change your mindset in order to move forwards from where you are at right now.

24 hours and the power of 10

Make a choice that over the next 24 hours you are going to try and have 10 interactions with 10 different men, and if this puts you out of your comfort zone, even better! You need to get out of this rut so get out there and make them notice you, and I guarantee that things will look very different for you within just the space of a day, as you start to notice just how many great men there actually are out there in your area.

And – get out of your usual routine to do this. If you always go hang at Starbucks, try going to a gallery, or getting your coffee from the local Patisserie. You need to shake it up a little to see what guys go to these new places and so that you are not seeing the same old faces all of the time.

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